Let's Get Visible: Meet Secondhand Rose

Tell us your story: Who are you, where are you from, what do you do?
I’m Rosie Waugh, a twenty-six year old plus size fashion blogger! I’m originally from Ottawa but I moved to Toronto just over a year ago. I currently work in luxury consignment but I’m also in school for Advertising and Graphic Design.

What motivated you to start Secondhand Rose?
In my past I was very passionate about both photography and writing but I fell into a rut with both of those - starting a blog to me was a way to seamlessly join those two worlds and it helped me feel like my old self again. I decided to focus my blog on plus size fashion and shopping secondhand because those were things that came naturally to me. I’ve always been fascinated with fashion and I started my blog back in 2012, a time when there weren’t a lot of fat bodies represented in traditional or even social medias. Plus size fashion back then (and still to this day tbh) was grossly overlooked and I knew I had to showcase how fabulous it can be and where to look for certain pieces.

My blog and social media accounts have since changed from just plus size fashion and shopping secondhand to body positivity, acceptance, personal style and a place where I can talk honestly about my mental health. I couldn’t be happier with how things have worked out!

How would you describe your sense of fashion?
I would describe my sense of fashion as stubborn. Basically, I do what I want. I love giving a middle finger to what society excepts of me and I try to break as many ‘fashion rules’ as possible. For example, I have short little legs featuring the most thunderous of thighs and I live in my culottes. It’s comfy for me, I feel as though I look great and no one can tell me otherwise.

Do you have any do you have any queer fashion icons?
Beth Ditto, Freddie Mercury, Lady Gaga and Gerard Way! I love glam but also a little rough around the edges.

Where can one find queer-owned fashion brands that sell plus sized apparel? Do you have any favourites?
Passionfruit, y’all are great! You folks go up to a unisex 3X and I’m grateful for that.

Some more brands are:
No Gender No Problem who go up to a 5X:

Lucky Little Queer, who is run by KJ - a friend of mine from Ottawa. I love their artwork and I have a few of their pieces hanging in my room! They also offer t-shirts up to a unisex 3X:

How can the community follow and support your upcoming projects? 
You can find me over on my blog at and Instagram @rosiexwaugh.

What's next for Secondhand Rose?
Truthfully, I haven’t updated my blog in a couple of months. I’ve mainly focused on work, school and surviving in this (expensive) city. I’m hoping to come back and do a relaunch soon, though! I’m still going to focus on plus size fashion but I also want to touch on personal things like my queerness, my mental health and what it is like to be over 25 and in college.



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