Let's get visible: Meet Once Upon A Journey

If you're queer and here but itching to take a vacation, today is your lucky day! We had the privilege of talking to a dutch duo currently travelling the globe and documenting all of their experiences and adventures along the way. Meet, Once Upon A Journey.

Tell us your story: Who are you, where are you from, what do you do? 
We’re Roxanne & Maartje, two Dutch girls in love, travelling the world together & documenting our travels through imagery and written word!

How did Once Upon A Journey begin?
Funny story: Roxanne never wanted to be involved. Writing and photographing was mostly ‘my thing’. I loved having a blog when I studied abroad, as a way of reflecting on things. Apparently, friends and family liked reading about it, so that’s why I had to start a blog for our world trip! Because of the blog, our trip had a bit of a rocky start, but now Roxanne is fully on board and we’re working on everything together.

What have you learned from travelling? 
So much! We’ve become more resilient, learn to cope with difficulties and become a stronger team. Every culture teaches us something and we find ourselves living more freely and happily than ever before. It’s amazing to see that you don’t specifically have to live a certain way - as you see in other cultures everyone does things differently.

What inspires you two to keep documenting your travels? 

Everything! We never set out to be inspirations, but we are an inspiration to many people. In return, we’ve met so many inspiring people ourselves through social media/the online world. Documenting our travels has enriched our experiences. Happiness isn't the only thing multiplied by sharing, so many things are!

How can the community follow and support your upcoming projects? and (slide into our DM’s!)

If a queer was looking for a safe place to travel overseas, where would you say is the most inclusive spot you've been? We don’t shy away from countries with anti-LGBT laws. We have written an article specifically about how to travel (safely) as a lesbian couple: . For us, Berlin is our happy place. The vibes are incredible, everyone can be who they want to be. In Asia, Taiwan has surprised us in the best way, by being incredibly LGBT-friendly.

What’s next for Once Upon A Journey?
First, a castle trip in eastern Europe, and then: back to Asia! We’d love to experience Taipei Gay Pride (biggest of Asia), collaboration with some bloggers on Bali, be in India for Deepavali and explore the beauty of the Philippines.








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