Let's Get Visible: Meet Drake Andrews

Tell us your story: Who are you, where are you from, what do you do?
Hi :) I’m Drake Andrews and I live in Toronto. I’ve been working on a podcast called Out and Up where I invite guests such as Liz the owner of Passionfruit (listen here) to tell their story.

What is the Out and Up podcast all about?
The Out and Up podcast is all about sharing the voices of the unsung LGBTQ heroes striving for excellence as entrepreneurs, with a mission to encourage others to follow their dreams. I believe that the skills you develop from coming out, such as being resilient, vulnerable, and optimistic go hand in hand if you want to be an entrepreneur.

What motivated you to start the Out and Up Podcast? Have you hosted Podcasts before? 
The main motivation for starting the podcast was based around the theory that the best content and businesses help people solve a problem and after much reflecting, I came to terms that coming out was the biggest challenge/problem of my life. With that, I wanted to educate people on how to come out, the challenges around it and showcase the incredible growth that happens after accepting who you are. I’ve never hosted a podcast before but it’s been such a pleasure to bring these stories to life and share them with the world.

How many episodes can we expect? How do you find your guests?
The podcast currently has 2 episodes live as I type this out (view episodes). I’m working on season one, which you can expect around 8 episodes. A new episode goes live each week.

The way I find my guests generally happens in two main ways

  1. Outbound: asking my entrepreneurial friends, recommendations from people I know and reaching out to people via email and social media that would be a good fit.
  2. Inbound: people find the podcast on social or hear the podcast and want to be on it. If you’re reading this and want to be guest, click here to send an email.

Who is a constant source of inspiration for you?
My friends are a constant source of inspiration for me. Building a narrative around coming out made me feel uncomfortable and vulnerable but my friends truly helped me take small steps to make it happen. I’m extremely grateful for the people in my life that support and push me to be the best version of myself and help me strive to be impactful, in all aspects of my life.

How can the community follow and support your upcoming projects?
Simply listening, following, and sharing the podcast goes a long way in supporting the Out and Up Podcast and building awareness for the community.

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You can get in touch or follow the journey on
Instagram: @outandup_pod
Twitter  @outandup_pod
Facebook: @outandup.podcast
Facebook Group: @outandupgroup
LinkedIn: @outandup
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What's next for you, the podcast, etc?
In 2019, I want to get incredibly talented at telling stories and building awareness for the LGBTQ community. The mission behind the podcast of inspiring more entrepreneurship in the community can be accomplished in a few ways outside of the podcast that I’d love to experiment with, a few ideas would be,

  • Create a Toronto pop-up shop featuring all my guest's products and stories, as well as other LGBTQ owned businesses
  • Create an LGBTQ entrepreneurship workshop in Toronto or in beautiful destinations such as Costa Rica and invite my listeners to come to learn how to start a business and meet like-minded people
  • Create an incubator and help scale the next wave of entrepreneurs
  • Turn all of the stories into a book

Let me know what you think, tweet me here or join the Facebook group here.


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