Passionfruit Stands with the Black Community

The first Pride was a riot, lead by black pioneers. If you don’t know the history of the roles black people have played in the queer liberation movement, it’s on you to learn. As we head into Pride Month, please remember that the equality and human rights we fight for every day, are the same rights being stripped away from the Black Community, day in and day out.

Now is not the time to be silent. Now is not the time to celebrate a Pride that is not intersectional. Please u
se your power and voice to stand up against racism, inequality, and injustices. Please use your reach to promote Black businesses, artists, authors, creators, activists. Please do better. 

Passionfruit stands with the Black community will be donating to these queer organizations who stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter:

Here are some Queer and Black-owned businesses to support:

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    • Love that video. THANK YOU GUYS!

      Tanya Kinn

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